About Centropa

Centropa is a Jewish historical institute dedicated to preserving 20th century Jewish family stories from Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans, and working with teachers to use those stories to engage their students in conversations about history, civics, and ethics.

Since 2000, Centropa has interviewed 1,200 elderly Jews in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as digitalized more than 22,000 of their family photographs. These materials are today available and searchable on our website. Using our stories, we create short multimedia films and exhibitions perfect for classroom use, and work with educators in over 500 schools in 18 countries.

About the Centropa Summer Academy (CSA)

Each summer, we bring together educators from more than 15 countries to the great cities of Europe. During our intense 7-day program, we use the city as our classroom as well as the stories we collected to learn about history and its implications for us today. The core of the CSA is the active participation of teachers, who share their experiences and good practices with each other, and work on lesson plans and cross-border projects together.

This year, the Centropa Summer Academy will take place in Vienna, 6-13 July.

To view our preliminary program, click here.


Who can apply?

Applications for the CSA are open for teachers and educators in the North America, Israel, and Europe.

We accept applications from Israel and the following European countries: Austria, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine. Teachers from Jewish schools may apply from any European country. 

In North America, we welcome applications from middle/high school teachers, county/district education /school administrators, and museum/Holocaust organization educators. While we encourage applications from every state and Canada, due to our funding sources, we will likely have funding primarily to bring public school educators from Newark, NJ; Baltimore, MD; South Carolina; North Carolina; South Florida; Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA; and possibly Chicago.

Teachers from all levels of the school system are welcome to apply, as well as educators from other educational institutions such as museums. We welcome teachers who have already been in contact with us, as well as those who are new to Centropa, but preference will be given to educators who can demonstrate that they have already used Centropa resources.


What are the costs of the CSA?

Teachers from Europe and Israel: During the Summer Academy, we will cover your hotel, meals, and program. We ask you to - at least partially - cover your travel costs for yourself. Those who really need it can apply for travel reimbursement for up to 100€. Besides, we ask each participant to pay a 50€ registration fee, the rides to/from airports, and meals on free evenings (4-5). The fee you only have to pay after we announced that your application has been accepted. Special scholarships are available for those who cannot afford to pay this fee.

Teachers from the US and Canada: we estimate the total cost of the trip will be $3,500, including air fare. US public school teachers: We welcome applications from US middle/high school teachers, county/district education and school administrators, and museum/Holocaust organization educators. While we encourage applications from every state and Canada, our funding is primarily for public school educators from Newark, NJ; Baltimore, MD; South Carolina; North Carolina; South Florida; Houston, TX; and Los Angeles, CA. We ask those interested to help find funding from PTA, school, local organizations, or teacher fellowships. If you have questions about applying, please contact Centropa's US Education Director, Lauren Granite, at granite@centropa.org. All participants must pay a 100 USD registration fee, purchase travel insurance, cover rides to/from airports, and meals on free evenings (4-5). Registration fees to be paid upon confirmation of acceptance. Private school teachers and education organization educators/administrators: we ask that your institution cover the entire cost of the trip.

We expect all participants to actively take part in each aspect of the program, use our materials upon your return home, share any Centropa lesson plans you create, and complete any follow-up questionnaires we send.


Do you have more questions?

Teachers from Europe and Israel: contact Magda Farnesi at farnesi@centropa.org.

Teachers from US and Canada: contact Lauren Granite at granite@centropa.org.

Meet Centropa’s team for the Summer Academy 2020

Edward Serotta

Edward Serotta

Edward Serotta is the founding director of Centropa. He is a journalist, photographer and filmmaker specializing in Jewish life in Central and Eastern Europe. Born in Savannah, Georgia, Edward has worked in Central Europe since 1985, has published three books, and contributed to Time Magazine, The L.A.Times, The Washington Post, and other outlets.

As for the CSA, Edward uses his vast personal experience, connections and ideas to make sure that the Summer Academy is a unique and unforgettable learning experience for each participant.

+43 6991 409 0971

Fabian Rühle

Fabian Rühle

Fabian Rühle is our European Education Director, developing materials and running seminars for teachers all over Europe. He is also our liaison for European governments and foundations, and he coordinates our fundraising in Europe. In 2015, he opened our Germany office and is now based in Hamburg.

During the CSA, he is responsible for the program, educational content, and finances.

+49 176 457 51975

Lauren Granite

Lauren Granite

Dr. Lauren Granite directs our US educational programs. Since 2010 she has been building our network of Jewish day and congregational schools; expanding into public, parochial and charter schools; running workshops and seminars; mentoring teachers; writing lessons and projects; and establishing teacher advisory teams to advise us about Centropa curricula.

During the CSA, she is responsible for the program, educational content, and the participants of the United States.

+1 301 787 0052

Bori Pál

Bori Pál

Bori (Borbála) Pál is the head of our Budapest office, and she is the director of CJN – Centropa’s network of European Jewish schools. She is also responsible for our programs in Israel and in Hungary.

During the CSA she is responsible for the program, educational content, and the participants of Hungary, Israel, and European Jewish schools.

+3630 593 84 84

Magdaléna Farnesi

Magdaléna Farnesi

Magda is the motor of all logistics issues in the German team: she organizes seminars and summer academies.

During the CSA, she is responsible for the logistics – from locations and transportations to meals and schedule.

+420 775 213 774

Maximilan von Schoeler

Maximilan von Schoeler

Based in Berlin, Max is supporting Centropa’s Trans.History project in logistics and fundraising, and is responsible for social media and website content.

During the CSA, he is responsible for technology.

+49 163 8436350

Valentina Hemera

Valentina Hemera

Tina is the coordinator of the Centropa Jewish Network (CJN), our unique network for European Jewish schools, as well as our programs for Hungary.

During the CSA, she’ll help with the logistics.


Jonathan Schwers

Jonathan Schwers

Jonathan began as an intern at Centropa in 2018 and we asked him to stay on. He has been carrying out research in our archive as well as helping with our teachers’ seminars.


Tanja Eckstein

Tanja Eckstein

Tanja is our chief interviewer who has conducted more than 70 interviews in Austria and another three in Israel. In 2006, she started our Vienna Cafe Centropa social club, which brings together our elderly interviewees once a month to enjoy a lecture, social program or a festive Jewish holiday meal.


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